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Lofty’s end-to-end Project Management

The Lofty team prides itself in its many years of experience and expertise creating a stress-free, financially viable Project Management service for the residential construction industry. Our Project Management Service includes:

  • Site Acquisition and Negotiation
  • Structured Feasibilities
  • Design and Council or Local Authority approvals
  • Project Construction
  • Sales Management

We understand that undertaking a building project can often be a demanding journey and can be financially costly if you do not fully understand the process or are not aware of the complex issues that may be involved. We remove these difficulties. We take your trust seriously, we identify opportunities, mitigate risk, maintain control, and act wholly in your interest with our complete end-to-end Project Management service.

We are 100% committed to you and deliver beyond expectations

At Lofty, we continually foster collaborative and ongoing relationships with other industry professionals and contractors and have built extensive networks and relationships within the property sector, greatly reducing the time, money and stress required by you, to undertake a sound and successful property development project.

As an Adelaide home builder and developer, we have a vast knowledge of the South Australian demographic and market expectations for the different areas of Adelaide and will guide you through what will be most beneficial for the area where the project is to be undertaken.

Lofty regards our relationship with you being just as important as the project itself and we facilitate any and all needs associated with each individual to deliver an inspiring, liveable and functional property with an unwavering commitment to you.

We believe in clear and transparent communication so that you are kept informed and confident that your project is taken care of every step of the way.

Esther Binks Before & After

Esther Binks Project

Esther BinksThis one-into-ten development had a number of elements to consider enabling the best possible outcome for the developer.

The developer originally wanted to only have Torrens titled allotments on this block, however after discussions and a land division proposal was put forward, we were able to include a number of community title allotments at the rear, turning the original site of 7 into a 10 site. Achieving a higher yield for the developer.

The first difficulty to overcome was the site being flagged by the EPA regarding contamination. Lofty researched the history of the site working with previous owners to establish that there was no longer contamination and liaised with Council with the evidence provided to get the site cleared.

The second major difficulty was a large protected gum tree directly out the front of the site, requiring consideration as to how to best construct the homes without impacting the Tree Protection Zone. We used a suspended slab technique which allowed us to build the desired homes without impacting the Tree Protection Zone and still delivering the project in a timely fashion – fully finished in five months.

Kiama Project Before and After

Kiama Project

2 Luxury Homes

An experienced developer client came to us with a desire to undertake a project in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide.

Lofty was able to advise that client’s initial thoughts and designs ideas would not suit the area target market. A higher quality, high specification home was needed to achieve solid return on investment.

Due to the location, the site was facing extra costs associated with the connections of services. With in-depth knowledge and experience in the area, Lofty was able to utilise the expertise of our trades to bypass the issue – saving the client approximately $22,000.

Due to site and finance restrictions it was necessary for your client to build under the required development size for the area. Our expert design team worked with Council to reach the required outcome without impacting on the street or neighbours.

This site broke the record for highest sale price in the area and is the benchmark for all other developments in this area. Sold at first open.

Rosina Project Before and After

Rosina Project

1 into 3, High End, Double Garage Townhouses

Developer initially wanted to sell the site with development approval. After working through the feasibilities, Lofty was able demonstrate the outcomes for a variety of options and advise that the greatest value could be achieved from the site by completing the development.

There was a lack of services to the site, however we were able to design the land division and development design to minimise the cost for the developer in getting the necessary connections, saving the developer approximately $11,000.

The development exceeded our feasibilities and returned a handsome return on investment for our very happy client.

Campbelltown Project Before and After

Campbelltown Project

A developer came to us with a block already purchased. They believed they could only build two dwellings on the site due to its irregular shape and came to Lofty to confirm the best options.

Lofty’s market research and experience showed that three townhouses with double garages would be feasible for the block, and better suit the market at this location.

We worked with our developer and architect to design three different floor plans to suit each allotment. The site had over 1m fall, which was rectified at minimal cost to the developer.

Anstey Project Before and After

Anstey Project

1 into 5 townhouses

The developer was offered the site through a real estate agent and was going to let it go due to its odd shape – the triangular shape prevented similar designed homes on each allotment being utilised.

Through some out of the box thinking, Lofty was able to work with our architect to design five unique dwellings to maximise the sites potential, proving the benefits and potential of the site to the client.

Our commitment to good Council relationship s allowed us to iron out any difficulties our initial designs may have encountered by requiring the removal of a number of street trees at the front of the site. By liaising with Council we were able to generate a positive outcome by saving the majority of trees while still achieving the end goal of the development.

The result for the developer was an undoubtedly positive: five homes all selling above market value on a block which they were going to overlook.

Rellum Project Before and After

Rellum Project

Rellum presented the challenge of a small block size with tricky development requirements and a lack of services in the area. To combat the services challenges, we drew on previous experience and were able nuance the subdivision application for the client to remove extra costs, saving the client over $15,000.

The client initially wanted to build two single storey dwellings on the site, however development requirements would make it difficult to deliver dwellings that appealed to buyers. Lofty was able to work with Council and their requirements to achieve an appropriate yet effective design for client: Building three high quality, two storey townhouses. This allowed bigger homes on the blocks for buyers, without sacrificing private open space for Council requirements, and creating a bigger yield for the developer.

These tactics proved hugely successful for the developer – a majority of homes in the suburb are single storey, therefore the two storey homes provided a unique point of difference, attracting buyers who wanted to stand out in the street. One dwelling sold during construction, with a second sold at completion with the developer electing to keep one as an investment due to their popularity.

Frome Project Before & After

Frome Project

A classic case of know-how.

The developer initially wanted to build two storey dwellings on the site, however Lofty’s experience advised that building single storey dwellings would better suit the area market, therefore saving the developer money over the construction and returning a higher return on investment faster.

We needed an appropriate design to suit the corner allotment with our experience leading to the corner dwelling having the garage at the rear of the property ensuring that our access point did not encroach onto the corner of the streets.

Ramsay Project Before and After

Ramsay Project

Maximisation – 1 into 3

The client came up to us requiring assistance to create a feasible development out of an exceptionally tricky block.

This site was situated next to a power station incurring extra costs, with the developer initially wanting to do two dwellings on the allotment and being faced with a right of way that ran across the back of the site.

Through consultation and research, Lofty was able to find a way to build three double garage dwellings to fit the site, therefore spreading the cost, and meet Council requirements by rear loading the dwellings.

The developer was able to maximise the site and achieve a solid return on investment where a loss was initially looking likely.

Northfield Project Before and After

Northfield Project

The developer of Northfield Project came to us with the goal of delivering three homes on this corner block to achieve the desired return on investment. The site was undersized for three dwellings and presented design challenges to achieve three functional and fitting dwellings.

Through expert design and our knowledge and experience with Council we were successfully able to achieve a design that met everyone’s needs and requirements.

The garage for the corner allotment was placed at the rear allowing for a double garage, simultaneously providing a better return upon sale and allowing extra room for the dwellings on adjacent blocks. The developer was looking to upgrade fittings and fixtures throughout the homes, however our market and area knowledge showed this was not necessary for the target market. We instead used our builder’s range, saving the client money while still providing a high-quality end product.

The result was two single storey dwellings and one double storey dwelling, delivered on time and in budget, and most importantly achieve the desired price wanted at the sale.

Stress-free residential project management in Adelaide, saving you valuable time and money.

Contact us today to discuss how our experienced building Project Management Team can manage your development or investment.

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