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At Lofty Building Group, our team has extensive knowledge, expertise and a proven track record in land sub-division, multi-dwelling, and dual occupancy developments. We provide end-to-end development, design and custom build solutions. We ensure that you’ll get the most out of your land and we’ll unlock the full potential to achieve a maximum return on your investment.

Our focus is on creating the best for you, with our unwavering commitment to establishing highly distinctive, accessible and affordable developments to shape your future.

We are here for you at any stage of the process that you may be at and any level of experience you may have. Whether it’s your first development project or if you are already experienced in buying and developing properties, we can help you.

We deliver what we promise

Our supportive team is extremely talented, experienced and passionate. We deliver what we promise to you – tailored solutions, clear communication, flexibility, and honesty and we deliver exceptional projects with proven investment value for our customers.

We are happy to work with you to design, obtain approvals and build your development to the specifications that you require, and which suit your land. Or you’re welcome to bring your own ready to go plans and approvals and we will do what we do best, build you a quality property.

Lofty can provide you with advice and guidance, and our team can take on your project at any stage and in any capacity.

At Lofty we work with you to provide the best solution, no matter the size or shape of your block. Delivering quality workmanship and ensuring you are comfortable, informed and in control throughout the entire process.

We remove the unknown

At Lofty, we’re not just builders, we’re an experienced property developer Adelaide. We can assist with sub-division and demolition and we take the surprise out of developments.

Developing a property can be a daunting process. At Lofty, we remove the unknown factors so that you can comfortably enjoy the journey. We can undergo feasibility studies with you before the process progresses too far, or before you’re too invested, to determine that you will gain a return on investment.

We understand that the process can be time consuming and frustrating. We do this every day and have an in-depth understanding of the market and the process. We take the stress out of the project for you.

We provide a step-by-step process for sub-division and developments

If you are an investor, developer, or would like an experienced team to assist in your development project, we are specialists in this field.

Our step-by-step process includes:

  • Professional design service to draft customised plans that will achieve your needs and meet Council requirements
  • Lodgement and management of Council approvals
  • Facilitating the demolition / sub-division process
  • Complete management of the build process
  • Assist with an appropriate sales and marketing strategy

Developing a block into multiple occupancies is certainly a worthwhile investment and an exciting opportunity, especially as Adelaide land values are continually on the rise. Development provides numerous options, as well as wealth, an ongoing investment, or your dream home.

Types of Property Developments

The type of property development is dependent on the size and shape of your block and Council requirements. Below are a few examples of development types:

1 into 2 Development

A moderately sized block can be divided to allow for 2 designs either two-storey, single storey or a mixture on 1 title or separate titles.

Duplex (or Dual Occupancy) Development

A duplex development is one residential building, containing two properties which are situated under the same roof with a dividing wall in-between. Each home has its own entrance, yard, and amenities.

A duplex development can often be much cheaper than building two separate homes, they are also known to increase your equity, create a higher yield on your block and provide a greater rental return.

Multiple Dwelling Development (3+ dwellings)

If you own a large block of land then anything may be possible to reach maximum investment return. Various options are available in this scenario to include group dwellings – townhouses, duplexes, units or apartments. At Lofty our expert team will work with you to uncover, and take advantage of, the true potential available for your block.

Corner Cut-Off

Large corner blocks provide optimum development potential as they can be divided into two lots, with each lot providing its own access and street frontage.

Corner cut-off developments often achieve higher prices when selling due to generally having larger frontages, the ease of access and fewer neighbours.

Hammerhead Development

Hammerhead developments, also known as flagpole or battle-axe, are becoming quite popular as they provide you with the opportunity to invest in a new home while keeping your current property. Or you can sub-divide your land, sell the backyard and keep your existing home. Alternatively, you can build two new dwellings on the block.

With a hammerhead development, a driveway is generally running down the side of the front property to allow for access to a rear home.

We can discuss your property development potential, investment opportunities and how to maximise your investment return.

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