Sloping and Difficult Sites

Challenging for some, exciting for others

At Lofty, we relish the chance to work with a sloping or so-called ‘difficult’ site.

As custom builders, we’re well equipped to handle the unique challenges these sites present as we’re used to building spectacular homes outside the norm that wow and leave a lasting impression.

In these projects, the block will often dictate or inform the ultimate design so builders can’t always rely on stock, ready-made solutions and plans.

It will usually take a custom builder to transform an unusual or non-standard site into something special that’s a true reflection of you and makes the most of the land.

While you can try to make a standard plan work, it can be like forcing a square peg into a round hole—at best it’s just not going to be quite right, and at worst it’s not going to work at all.

To make the most of your unique site, an experienced custom builder like us is the way to go.

Our award-winning team has worked with sloping and difficult sites many times before.

We can assist you with your bespoke design and make the magic happen, incorporating the unique features of your block into a stylish plan—no slope or site presents too daunting a task.

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