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Top budget friendly ways to add technology into your home

The truth is, we are in 2021 and technology has integrated into every aspect of our lives including our homes. Of course integrating technology into your home is not a necessity, but for those who are interested, it can be an interactive and entertaining addition. There are levels of course as to how ‘high tech’ you want to take your home – from transparent tv’s and dimensional wall panels to door handles with self-sterilization systems. Whilst this all sounds great, we’re here to be realistic and therefore provide you with some top budget friendly ways to add technology into your home.

Before we showcase these, let’s tap into what smart home technology actually is. Smart home technology extends further than just televisions, computers and speakers. It is a way for your entire home, or parts of it to become totally digital (connected to the internet). This includes clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils and everything in between. The aim is to make your life easier; by voice and digital commands and communications sent from you directly to a device or system (e.g. turn speaker off, turn lights off etc.). So read on to view a rundown of the top budget friendly ways to add technology into your home.


The most well-known and common way people add technology into their home is through smart speakers such as Google Home, Alexa (Amazon) and Siri (Apple). These smart speakers are essentially inbuilt personal assistants that can complete tasks for you. Most people are used to these speakers just playing music, but they can complete an array of other tasks. It works essentially the same way you would direct siri to do something on an iPhone. For example you could delegate to your smart speaker to “turn off the television” and they would. The power of the internet is something special. 



Smart TV’s are another common and budget friendly way to include technology into your home. Google Chromecast and Apple TV are a great place to start. Simply purchase these products for under $100, plug them into your TV and cast any program such as Netflix, YouTube, etc directly onto your TV by using WIFI. Through a WIFI connection, your home entertainment can be taken to the next level. Of course, now most TV’s have this built in, in the form of apps, but purchasing items such as the above, allows older TV’s to become ‘smart’ too.



An already existing, yet good way you can integrate technology into your home is through your home security system. There are a range of systems on the market that allow you to connect your alarms, cameras, digital locks, doorbells and so on to your WIFI and to your phone which is controlled via a downloadable app. The aim of this is that you can view who is at your home or even let them in without lifting a finger (well perhaps one). A fine example of technology providing peace of mind. 


Wish you did not have to get up and turn a light off? Well we have good news for you…there is technology for exactly that. Smart lights can not only turn on and off lights, but they can dim them, change their colour all using WIFI technology. In most instances this can be controlled via an app, meaning that you can turn on and off lights even when you are not physically at your home. 


In terms of temperature control, the same applies. Lucky for you, there is technology out there to lend a helping hand. Devices such as Sensibo are a great option that allow you to control your home’s temperature through an app – that’s right…no need to access your main heating or cooling pad. 


Now let’s jump into the not so mainstream ways to integrate technology into your home…don’t stress, they are still realistically priced. As technology develops, more and more areas of a home can be turned digital including a home’s general appliances. This includes, fridges, ovens, microwaves, kettles, dishwashers, washing machines and so on. Once again, apps have been created to link these appliances directly to your mobile. Instead of manually checking them, through technology you would be able to find out the following (+ more):

  • Has the washing machine finished its load?
  • Is the dishwasher finished washing?
  • Has the oven preheated?
  • Has the kettle boiled?

The common denominator of all these technologies is the accessibility to either a smartphone or tablet in order to control all these commands. The positive of many of these technologies is that they have the ability to be connected and controlled from a range of devices. So if you are wanting to up your home’s technology game and turn your home into a smart home, look into the apps, products and systems discussed. You will be sure to find something that suits your wants, needs and of course your budget.

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