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Tips for Maintaining Your New Home

An Easy House Maintenance Schedule to Keep Your House at its Best

Congratulations – you’ve done it! You’ve sacrificed and saved and finally, you’ve built your first house. It’s such a fantastic achievement, and moving into your new home is an exciting time. 

Once you’ve settled in and given everything a place, it’s time to take on the responsibility of caring for your new valuable investment. It may seem daunting or unimportant to begin with, but sticking to a good house maintenance schedule could save you thousands over the years, and will keep your house in excellent condition. 

To make things easier, the new house builders Adelaide team from Lofty Building Group have provided their top tips (above regular cleaning) for maintaining your new home.

We’ve broken it down periodically to keep it super simple to follow.

Monthly House Maintenance:

  • Remove and clean air conditioning filters – replace if necessary.
  • Test your smoke alarms. If they’re not working replace the batteries, or the unit replaced if the batteries don’t help.
  • Clean and flush your sinks and drains to remove any build-up that may have accumulated over time.
  • Clean your stove rangehood and extractor fans.
  • Check fire extinguishers (if applicable).

Six Monthly House Maintenance:

  • Replace any deteriorated grout around showers, baths, sinks or windowsills.
  • Inspect washing machine and dishwasher hoses plus clean inlet filters.
  • Check for and repair any holes found in eaves and walls to prevent pests.
  • Clean out your gutters and downpipes. Organise repair for any cracks or drainage issues found.
  • If you have a timber deck, you’ll want to oil it every 6 to 12 months, to keep it looking its best and ensure longevity.
  • Check any large trees on your property for interference with power lines, foundations, plumbing, roofs or retaining walls.
  • Clear any dead shrubs and leaves.

Yearly House Maintenance:

  • Organise a professional service for your heater, air conditioner and hot water system (or as according to manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Flush your hot water tank, (if applicable, and as according to manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Organise a professional clean for your fireplace and chimney (if applicable).
  • Have your carpets steam cleaned.
  • Change your smoke alarm batteries (even if still in working order).
  • Clean any ceiling fans.
  • Inspect your roof and eaves for any damage and organise repair if applicable.
  • Clean your exterior walls. Sand back and touch-up any peeling paint, or repair any cracks or mortar in brickwork.
  • Oil your garage door tracks.
  • Check the weather seals around your doors and windows and repair or replace if required. Tighten or repair any loose or damaged frames or screens.
  • Organise a termite inspection.

House Maintenance every 5 years:

  • Paint your interior and exterior walls where necessary. This keeps your house looking fresh and, if you have wall cladding, helps to protect from the elements.
  • Reseal any timber or stone flooring to protect and preserve their beauty.
  • If you have a hot water tank, arrange for a plumber to replace the sacrificial anode.

House Maintenance every 10 years:

  • Replace your smoke alarms, if you have not done so earlier.
  • If your flooring has worn down over time, it may be beneficial to replace it.
  • Check your ceiling insulation and replenish or replace, if necessary.

Maintain the value of your home

By spreading these jobs out throughout the year, your home preservation will be highly manageable. If there’s a task you can’t do yourself, have a professional do it.

Keeping on top of these tasks will keep your home in top-notch condition and save you money. You will notice more severe problems sooner, ensuring quick repairs, before they have time to escalate. And, regular home maintenance upholds the value and the street appeal of your home.

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With the Lofty Experience, we provide a three-month maintenance period for your new home. It’s our commitment to maintaining ongoing relationships that go well beyond the build process, and we’re always available to answer any future questions or help with any concerns you may have. Contact our friendly team on (08) 8266 0011.

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