9 decorating tips for the cooler months that will help cosy up your home for Winter

If you did not realise from all the rain hitting Adelaide this past month…it is well and truly winter. Whilst some people love it, there are always those who prefer scorching hot days spent on the beach. But hey, winter is here so let’s try and make the most of it, instead of wishing away the winter blues. One way to do this is by decorating your home in a way that compliments the rainy weather at hand. So read on as we list 9 decorating tips for the cooler months that will have your home feeling super cosy in no time. 


The first way to get your home winter ready is through insulation. One way to insulate a home is by installing curtains or window coverings to each room. Curtains add an extra layer of insulation which helps to control room temperature which is pivotal during winter. Not only this, but curtains can also make your bedroom feel more spacious and cosy, particularly bedrooms. 


If there is one thing that compliments any home during winter (or any time really), it is the presence of cushions, throw rugs and blankets. Not only do these items play a functional purpose in a home where you can use them to curl up and relax, but they also act as a great styling element during winter and beyond. Give your living room or lounge room some cosy charm by using a rug for texture and cushions for sitting. This extends to bedrooms too, where adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed with a quilt, throw or cushions can cosy up a room in no time. 


Insulation is not just for the walls and roof, insulation can also be achieved on flooring through the use of carpet and rugs. Rugs are also a clever way to decorate a room and get it looking super cosy. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, from runners to shaggy styles, there really is something to suit every home, lifestyle and budget. Therefore, if you have been thinking about giving a certain room a facelift, there is no better time than winter to install carpet or purchase a rug, especially if you have tiles (tell us a worse feeling than stepping onto ice cold tiles with bare feet on a cold winter morning).


Whilst this may not apply to all homeowners, for those that have a fireplace, lighting it up during winter is not only a practical way to generate heat and keep warm, but it also creates a cosy atmosphere within the home. If this is not something that you have within your home or even wish to have, there are many artificial alternatives such as gas heaters, electric heaters, fake fire places and the list goes on.


Something that can make any room pop is the presence of house plants. Whether they are real or fake, plants are a great way to add colour and life to a home during the dull winter season. Whilst fake plants may be easy, there is a ‘real’ benefit to having real plants, as they work unknowingly to absorb moisture from the air which can help make the room feel less stuffy (especially beneficial when the heater is up and running).


There is no doubt about it, candles are a great addition ALL YEAR round. They create a warm ambience and scented candles can act as an instant mood-booster too. Whilst candles are great, it is fair to say that there are certain scents that suit winter better than others. Of course this comes down to personal preference, but for example, sweet scents such as vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and ylang ylang tend to suit winter more, whereas citrus and floral scents seem to suit warmer days better. 


Little touches of raw materials such as dried greenery and flowers are all the rage right now (everlasting arrangements anyone?!). Not only are they a great way to decorate your space and add warmth, but their condition will not be affected by indoor heating as fresh greenery and flowers can be. Touches of wood are another great way to enhance the warmth and cosiness of a space. Whether it be wood panelling on a wall, or even just a wooden stool, wood is a great, low cost option to help enhance your space. 


Just as different scents suit winter, specific colours and tones also suit winter better than others. Different colours can also evoke different emotions and therefore additions of certain colours are a fantastic way to decorate your home during winter. Warm tones ooze a sense of cosiness, safety and comfort – perfect for winter! Examples of these warm tones include colours such as terracotta, olive green, browns and other earthy tones. Whilst it may not be financially viable to change the entire colour palette of a home seasonally (e.g. through painting walls), a great option is purchasing select pieces to bring out during winter to achieve this same outcome. Clever AND budget-friendly. 


Lighting can completely transform a space. With the hours of natural light being significantly reduced during winter, it’s a great time to step up your artificial lighting game and it is pretty simple. We suggest swaping out all the light bulbs in your home for warmer, soft white LED lights. Not only are they less harsh but they also create a sense of warmth and cosiness – perfect for winter (and always).

So there you have it, some simple tips and tricks on how to decorate your space for winter in order to amp up the cosiness. Until next time, stay warm.

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