Esther Binks Before & After

Esther Binks Project

Esther BinksThis one-into-ten development had a number of elements to consider enabling the best possible outcome for the developer.

The developer originally wanted to only have Torrens titled allotments on this block, however after discussions and a land division proposal was put forward, we were able to include a number of community title allotments at the rear, turning the original site of 7 into a 10 site. Achieving a higher yield for the developer.

The first difficulty to overcome was the site being flagged by the EPA regarding contamination. Lofty researched the history of the site working with previous owners to establish that there was no longer contamination and liaised with Council with the evidence provided to get the site cleared.

The second major difficulty was a large protected gum tree directly out the front of the site, requiring consideration as to how to best construct the homes without impacting the Tree Protection Zone. We used a suspended slab technique which allowed us to build the desired homes without impacting the Tree Protection Zone and still delivering the project in a timely fashion – fully finished in five months.