Anstey Project Before and After

Anstey Project

1 into 5 townhouses

The developer was offered the site through a real estate agent and was going to let it go due to its odd shape – the triangular shape prevented similar designed homes on each allotment being utilised.

Through some out of the box thinking, Lofty was able to work with our architect to design five unique dwellings to maximise the sites potential, proving the benefits and potential of the site to the client.

Our commitment to good Council relationship s allowed us to iron out any difficulties our initial designs may have encountered by requiring the removal of a number of street trees at the front of the site. By liaising with Council we were able to generate a positive outcome by saving the majority of trees while still achieving the end goal of the development.

The result for the developer was an undoubtedly positive: five homes all selling above market value on a block which they were going to overlook.