Two-Storey House

The Pros & Cons of a Two-Storey House

Single-storey vs double-story, a topic that can strike up a conversation between almost anyone (in our industry anyway!). Some people hate the idea of a two-storey house and some people love it. With anything, there are pros and cons to both sides, but this article will outline the pros and cons of a two-storey house. Whether you are reading for entertainment or educational purposes prior to building or purchasing your own home, this article is for you.



The first pro of a two-storey house is the ability it gives you to optimise the space you already have. By building upwards, you will be able to add additional living spaces even on a small block of land. This is particularly beneficial for suburbs near the city where blocks tend to be quite small and larger blocks (if you can find one) tend to be priced quite high. On the flip side, there are still pros for building a two-storey house on a larger block. Of course, this once again maximises living space, but it is also a clever way to create more space for a backyard, garden, swimming pool, driveway, or any other exterior elements you plan to include in your home. Following on from the idea of making use of space, by building upwards you will also get more square footage in your house, regardless of the block size.


Another pro of two-storey homes is the added layer of privacy they can provide. Not solely in terms of privacy from neighbouring properties but privacy within the household too. The living spaces in smaller single-storey homes tend to be clustered together which ultimately leads to less privacy between house occupants. With a two-storey home, living spaces can be more spread out making for more privacy. More spaced-out living areas throughout two storeys can also assist with noise reduction. More privacy and less noise can prove to be particularly useful, especially in today’s day and age where many people are working from home.


There is no doubt that wherever your two-storey house is located, you will receive some type of elevated view. Whether it be the beach, hills or even neighbouring properties in the distance, a view is a view. By having additional windows upstairs, this can also allow increased natural light to seep into your house which is a great way to reduce spend on electricity bills in sunnier months.



Whilst two-storey homes can appear aesthetically pleasing, we cannot deny the fact that there are some cons associated with them. A big con is the safety aspect for young children, elderly people and those who have mobility issues. Of course, there are ways around this and there are tips and tricks to help but having a two-storey home can prove to be difficult in these particular cases.


Another disadvantage of building a two-storey home relates to the flexibility in terms of design. When building you will have to take into account the design of both levels to ensure both levels come together seamlessly and of course that there is sufficient space for a staircase. 


Living in a two-storey home obviously means more square meterage and more square meterage means more areas that need to be cleaned. From flooring and windows to the staircase itself, if you are wanting to minimise the time you spend cleaning then a two-storey home may not be for you.


Climate control in two-storey homes is often more difficult to manage, after all, hot air rises. Something that can help with this is getting heating and cooling systems installed at the time of building as it is more difficult to  install ducted after the build. In addition to this, heating and cooling a two-storey home is substantially more expensive compared to a single-storey home. Not solely in terms of running costs, but also the extra associated costs such as having two controllers, additional vents, etc. 

There you have it, our list of the pros and cons associated with two-storey homes. So, as you go about your home building or buying journey keep these pros and cons in mind. The pro of beautiful views and increased privacy but also the cons such as increased heating and cooling costs. Of course, your ability to build or buy a two-storey home comes down to your individual budget and of course your wants and needs so treat this article as a guide. In saying this, the one piece of advice we believe can be applied to any property is to make use of the space you have.

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