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How Do House and Land Packages Work?

Home and land packages are an amazing way to facilitate your dream of buying a brand-new home – and putting your own spin on it. While at the surface level they seem self-explanatory, a more holistic view of this question shows there’s more to it.

To understand how these packages work, it’s important to iron out what they are. And in its simplest form, a home and land package is where a buyer purchases a block of land as well as the construction of their home in one go. This can usually take two different forms:

  1. A Turnkey, or move-in ready package: a builder or property developer will build homes and sell them as a completely new home, or more commonly
  2. Standard Package: a builder will present a suite of standard or customisable home designs suited for a particular block, allowing you to choose the area in which you’re looking to live and any other features you’d like to include.

Within this, there are some things to know that’ll make your home and land package search go a lot smoother.

Know what you want and where you want to be:

Having an idea of what impact you want to have on the process as well as your ideal locations are some great factors to consider before diving into your search.

The design of the home falls under this umbrella and is a major reason why our custom house and land packages experience such popularity. As a customer, you’re spoilt with choice and freedom in the sense of participation in the design. Have your say on the entire design of your home from features that you want and need through to the overall flow and aesthetics. . Many standard plans do not have much, if any room for customisation and do not work on blocks that are not perfectly rectangular (e.g. sloping and uniquely shaped blocks). The benefit of choosing a house and land package with Lofty is it will be designed for the proposed allotment from the outset and each design is completely customisable to you and your requirements.

Further to this, the move to go green is incredibly prevalent in the building industry. Therefore, the option to interject sustainable materials in the construction of your new home is a very achievable possibility when tapping into these packages.

Some additional aspects to consider are:

  • Size: do you want a single storey, double storey, or split level home?
  • Location: which suburbs are you open to building in
  • Are you already in your ideal location but looking to downsize, upsize or subdivide? Our knockdown and rebuild service might be for you!

Understand the building process:

Opting for the standard package as opposed to a turnkey (already completed and built home), amid your process comes the construction phase. A single storey home tends to take roughly 4-7 months to build, but at Lofty, we can build your home in as little as 12 weeks! Check out the Lofty FastTrack program to find out how. A typical build process will encompass the following basic stages:

  • Pouring the footings (concrete slab)
  • Erecting the frame (walls and roof)
  • Lock up (brickwork, roof covering windows and doors)
  • Fixing (internal and external fixtures, fittings, and details)
  • Practical completion and handover!

By choosing a turnkey package, you cut out the construction phase and the ability to watch your home take shape from the ground up. But this has the added convenience of being able to move in sooner.

It’s important to note what is and is not included in your package as well as any extra fees:

Opting for a house and land package can be a more affordable avenue when compared to separating the search for the land and the search for the right builder. But to get a full and accurate picture of the overall price it’s just as important to note what is and is not included in your house and land package along with any extra fees.

When you purchase a house and land package, you should know how much you’ll be paying from the start. Most builders will list their inclusions on their packages, but it is just as important to consider what is not included. It is vital you ensure you know what you are and are not getting. Some fees that may not be included in your package that’ll need consideration can include:

  • Stamp duty: while this is an extra cost it often works out cheaper, as you only pay stamp duty on the land value and not the house
  • Legal representative: needed to liaise with developers and the builders to ensure council and regulatory requirements are met
  • Connection operations: these can include power, water, gas, and internet
  • Registration fees

Financing your house and land package doesn’t have to be a chore. There are a few options to consider in the space of Government initiatives and grants that you can leverage – some of these can include:

Tapping into a house and land package can be an amazing choice, facilitating convenience, input in the design, and even competitive pricing. However, your approach can influence your outcome and as a result, it pays to be well versed in the world of house and land packages. Not only will this make your search simpler and less time-consuming, but it will reduce the stress associated with the process by removing some of the unknowns!

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