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A Guide to Finding Your Dream Home

There is no doubt about it, owning a home that is perfect for you and your lifestyle is a gamechanger. Over our years working in the home construction industry, we have found that many impending homeowners believe that having the perfect home is unattainable, both financially and functionally. Scrap that! We’re here to tell you that you CAN in fact have your dream home without having to settle for the next best thing. So read on as we provide you with a guide to finding your dream home.

The first place to start when searching for anything is to outline your search criteria. This will differ from person to person, but this criteria can help give you an idea of the major factors important to you (essentially your non-negotiables). We suggest this criteria list includes; your budget, preferred block size, preferred location, home style (exterior and interior) and so on. 


Budget, budget, budget; essentially what it all comes down to. Having an outlined budget will ensure you know exactly what you can afford and therefore can avoid either overspending or unknowingly underspending. Although it can be hard to know how much your dream house will actually cost, chatting to a professional to get your finances in order and discover how much you are eligible to borrow is vital. From here, you can start the planning stages. Then, once you have a rough idea of how much your house might cost, you can adjust your initial budget and work from there. The main idea is that as much as possible, stick to that budget! Working with a reputable builder such as Lofty will help you do this, as we work to your budget and will be upfront with you as to what is attainable or where we can cut back to make sure you get all your non-negotiables covered! 


The block size you require will come down to your personal lifestyle wants and needs.  For example if you have children, or a dog you may require additional space for a backyard. Not you? Perhaps you just want some extra room for a beautiful landscaped front yard? or maybe a double garage? In saying this, it is wise to think about the future and what you may require down the track (e.g. additional bedrooms? or maybe a study?). Planning for the future like this can help avoid you having to relocate or upsize sooner than expected. An extra something to keep in mind is that larger blocks tend to have a higher resale value. Now that’s the ultimate planning for your future.


Is it the beach, hills or somewhere in-between? Most soon to be home owners have a rough idea of the location or potential suburbs they wish to reside in. Whatever the case, there are a range of factors to consider when deciding on a preferred location. Some things to consider are the proximity of the following to your home:

  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Cafes
  • Parks
  • Roads
  • Public transport
  • Doctors and Hospitals 

Most thriving and upcoming communities are near these amenities which means your home may be subject to financial growth opportunities. Apart from this, there is also the obvious convenience factor being near these amenities…think about commutes to and from work or school. Other contributing factors can also include the distance to where friends and family are located, but once again this comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer convenience in everyday life? or living in a suburb that may not be close to everything, but makes you feel at home? The choice is yours.


When it comes to your preferred home style and design, there is a LOT to consider as there are so many options to choose from. The best part about building a home instead of buying? You get to choose EXACTLY what you like from start to finish. To help narrow down your criteria, here are some questions to get you thinking and considering exactly what you want:


  • Floorboards, carpet or tiles?
  • Open plan living?
  • Curtains or shutters?
  • Lots of natural light or artificial light?


  • What style do you want to go with? (e.g. modern, classic, industrial, etc)
  • Bricks, hebel or render?
  • Landscaped front yard or no front yard?



  • How many bedrooms will you need?
  • How many bathrooms will you need?
  • Single or double-storey?
  • Big kitchen vs small kitchen
  • A designated study?
  • Multiple living rooms?
  • Do you need an ample amount of storage areas?


  • Will you need space for a backyard?
  • Do you want a landscaped front garden?
  • Do you want to subdivide?
  • Do you want a double garage?
  • Do you want a balcony?
  • Do you want a pool?
  • Do you want an outdoor entertaining area?

After deciding what you do and don’t want, this will help you more clearly plan your home to see whether the floorplan works and whether it suits your lifestyle (e.g. are the bathrooms too far from the bedrooms? Is the kitchen too small? and so on).

So, you have outlined your non-negotiables, now you will be able to see where you can add in the extras (budget pending). For example a theatre room or perhaps a walk in pantry – whatever you envision, it IS possible!

The bottom line is, building a custom home is the most secure way to ensure you end up with your dream home. Here at Lofty we have experience working with all types of budgets, which means we know how to get the absolute most out of a home build. We are creative, innovative and precise. With us you will NEVER have to settle for the next best thing.

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