The Top 5 Benefits of Townhouse Living

Is a townhouse right for you?

Whether you’re searching for your first home or considering downsizing, townhouse living has so much to offer. For the townhouse builders Adelaide has come to trust, you can’t go past the team at Lofty Building Group. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, and the importance of having true flexibility throughout the design and build process. 

A townhouse is a type of terraced, multi-storey home. It’s attached, by shared walls to one or more similar houses. Townhouses often have a small footprint and maximise the use of the available space. Making townhouse living a great option for first home buyers, families, investors, and those thinking of downsizing.  

While it’s not a new concept, the idea of a townhouse has evolved over recent years, and the popularity of townhouse living has risen across Adelaide.  Offering several lifestyle advantages, a townhouse, if designed with you in mind, can be surprisingly spacious and convenient.

If you’re considering a townhouse, but not quite sure if it’s the right option for your lifestyle, we’ve listed below the top 5 benefits of townhouse living, to aid in your decision process:

1. Low Maintenance Lifestyle

A townhouse is an attractive solution for those that want to enjoy the benefits of a sizeable home, without the need to spend their free time and money on gardening and maintenance. 

Our Australian lifestyles are becoming increasingly busy, and busy professionals, investors, downsizers, and families will love the freedom a townhouse can give them. 

Many townhouses include a private outdoor courtyard requiring little maintenance. Still offering you enough room to entertain friends, have a small garden, keep a pet, or provide the kids with space to play.

2. Affordability

One of the main advantages of a townhouse is affordability. Usually a more cost-effective choice, with a modern design it still allows for plenty of space for indoor/outdoor living. 

Compared to a standalone home, the price of a townhouse with the same number of bedrooms offers great value for money. Given that townhouses are generally a more affordable option that suits most lifestyles. 

When you sign a build contract before the 31st of December 2020, you may also be eligible for the Federal Government Home Builder grant of $25,000. And, if you are a first home buyer, the South Australian State Government First Home Owners Grant of $15,000.

3. Functional Design

Our modern Australian lifestyle is all about comfort and convenience. A multi-level design gives you the flexibility to separate your living areas from your bedrooms and bathrooms. Creative, smart and efficient design can provide your townhouse with modern functionality while fully utilising the available space.  

By using our experienced townhouse builders, Adelaide residents can design a layout that is individual, functional and specific to their needs. The split level design of a townhouse allows you the freedom to relax or entertain in downstairs living areas while keeping the upstairs areas quiet and private for sleeping or for children to play. 

Do you need three bedrooms? A separate dining area? An entertainer’s kitchen? The team at Lofty can help you design your dream home and help it become a reality. 

4. Sustainability

The world’s view has changed over the past couple of decades, with most people agreeing that we need to live more sustainably. To many people, the idea of an energy-efficient home and a more sustainable way of living is becoming progressively appealing. A townhouse is a great option to assist in reducing your environmental footprint. 

The attached or terraced design of a townhouse reduces the number of external walls per dwelling. Which then minimises the exposure to heating from the sun in summer and helps retain internal warmth in winter.  

The many environmental and monetary savings through reduced maintenance, reduced energy consumption, and the more efficient use of land not only improve affordability but also create a more sustainable housing option.

5. Community Living

Living in a townhouse with neighbours close by can be a great way to build a friendly community while giving you the space you need to enjoy your lifestyle.  Having a good relationship with your neighbours means there’s always someone to share a friendly cup of coffee with or watch over your property if you go away.

Townhouses offer privacy with your own front door and driveway, your own courtyard and living areas. With the added bonus of sharing a wall with your neighbours offering an extra level of safety and security to your property. 

Many townhouses in Adelaide are being built in new and exciting suburbs, well planned with growth in mind. They offer a great community feeling close to transport links, amenities such as shops, cafes and gyms often with parks and open parklands on your doorstep. 

Have you decided townhouse living is right for you?

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Because we’re a custom builder, we have the flexibility to tailor our floor plans to suit your lifestyle. At Lofty, your needs are at the centre of everything we do.  

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