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Our Adelaide Custom Home Builders Will Build Your New Quality Home in 12 Weeks, or We’ll Pay You!

Have you heard of Lofty FastTrack? 

Can this possibly be true? Yes, it sure is.

With Lofty FastTrack, we guarantee to build you a top-tier home within 12 weeks. If we don’t meet that time frame, we’ll pay you $150 a day until we finish!*

Who wants to wait for 12 or even 18 months for their new home build? It’s frustrating, to say the least. 

We understand that once you have made all your decisions and finalised the design, you are wanting to move in asap.

With Lofty, we don’t make you wait. 

How do we make our 12 week home build time possible, and will it cost you more?

No, we don’t add on extra costs to speed up the process. You can feel at ease with our Price Beat Guarantee* where we’ll match any builder’s price on the same design and specifications.

After years in the building industry, we’ve streamlined our processes to be able to offer you this remarkable service, with absolutely no compromise on our Lofty quality build assurance. When it comes to scheduling your home build, we’re experts, and our dedicated trades work better and smarter. 

What’s the average house build time in South Australia?


The general average time taken to build a house in South Australia can vary greatly depending on the following factors:

  • The builder 
  • The size of the home 
  • If it’s a double-storey or single storey
  • The shape of the block
  • The accessibility of the block
  • Any trees or creeks on the land
  • Any required demolition
  • Delayed permits
  • The weather 

The time frame (depending on the build size and block shape) can usually be between three to twelve months, after approval of all required plans and paperwork.

However, here at Lofty Building Group, we’ve heard horror stories of single storey home builds taking over 12 months, with no real reason other than the builder being too busy with all their other projects, which is completely unacceptable to us.

If your Adelaide builder is highly organised, provides an efficient approach with careful scheduling to ensure each build runs smoothly, then there should be no reason for your home build to drag on. 

At Lofty, our Adelaide home builders never comprise on quality. We’re on time & within budget

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When using Lofty as your custom builder, we guarantee a high-quality home, personalised specifically for you. But does this mean that your build will take longer than if you went through a volume builder? The answer here is NO. 

The way we approach building your custom home is vastly different from that of a volume builder. Unlike a volume builder, who may take on hundreds of builds per year, at Lofty we only take on a small number of projects per year. With this approach, you’re never treated as just another number. We can really concentrate on your build to ensure a first-class finish and a build that’s completed on time, ready for you to move in.

We’ll never delay your house build with no proper cause. We carefully schedule your project and will always go above and beyond to follow up with necessary parties (e.g. Councils, etc.) to ensure our jobs keep moving at all stages.

When working with a volume builder, there may be a delay in starting due to other builds being scheduled in before yours.. Volume builders can also struggle to organise the tradespeople needed for your home, as they have so many other projects that run overtime. At Lofty, our Adelaide builders will get started immediately to begin bringing your new home vision into reality, as our construction teams are not being overworked.

When it comes to quality control, Lofty has it down pat. If there are any issues during the build stages, they are easily picked up and we’re quick to react and rectify. Volume builders often use a large range of contractors at each of their stages. This can result in miscommunication and mistakes. With the supervisor having to look over numerous house builds at the same time, things can be easily missed or even not mentioned. 

For a custom builder like Lofty, we work with the same team for each project. Like a well oiled machine, or a well trained sports team, Lofty’s construction team are clear on the project and everybody knows their role.

Is it possible to build a high-quality home within a reasonable time frame?

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Yes. It is possible and our Adelaide custom home builders from Lofty Building Group make it happen for our clients, every time.

As we only take on a small number of projects per year, we have the time to focus on you and building your dream home, with materials and finishes of a high-standard, along with superior workmanship. 

We leave no stone unturned and our client testimonials speak for themselves. 

Do you want to know more about our 12 week new home build with Lofty FastTrack*?

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We can’t wait to bring your customised home build to life and for you to benefit from our unique Lofty Experience.

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